2019 In Review



Jasmin Paris wins the Spine Race outright

And smashes the record in the process in an unbelievable time of 83hrs 12mins 23sec! That’s 268mi along the Pennine way in the depths of winter in less than 4 days!


Vic Wilkinson takes her 5th win at the Three Peaks Race

Her record still stands at a fairly unassailable 03:09:19!


Nicky Spinks (right) becomes the first person to complete a DOUBLE  Paddy Buckley

122mi and 17,000m of ascent in just 57hrs 27mins! This follows a valiant effort at the Barkley Marathons earlier in the year and then a successful debut at the Tor des Geants in September!


Jonathan Albon (left) wins the Trail World Championship in Portugal

Plus 1st at Tromso Skyrace, 3rd in the Skyrunning World Series, OCR World champ, 1st in European Spartan Champs…

Paul Tierney (left) visits the summit of all 214 Wainwrights in 6 days 6hrs 5min

That’s 318mi and approx. 33,000m ascent, breaking Steve Birkinshaw’s 2013 record by 7hrs!


Damian Hall (right) breaks the Paddy Buckley record in 17hrs 31mins.

61mi and over 8,000m of ascent taking in 47 Welsh peaks. Made all the more impressive as he completed 4/5 legs solo!


Georgia Tindley (left) continues a stellar season by winning Glen Coe Skyline

plus top ten finishes at Zacup Skyrace, Hamperokken Skyrace, Comapedrosa Skyrace, Snowdonia Trail Marathon & Skyrace des Matheysins…among many others!

Finlay Wild takes the win, yet again, at Ben Nevis.

His tenth win on the mountain but Kenny’s Record remains unbroken.

Jasmin Paris, Konrad Rawlik & Jim Mann are the first mixed team in the Petite Trotte à Léon

and 5th overall  on the 186mi (25,000m+) course, in 103hrs 39min

The very first Scottish Mountain Marathon is a great success following on from the much-loved LAMM.

With well over 300 hardy souls taking on the wilds of Scotland, the SMM is set to be another classic in the calendar.

Josh Jardine & Pete Rigby complete potentially the fastest pairs time for the Classic Rock Challenge

40mi of running plus 15 multipitch rock routes in 18hrs 59mins


Sarah McCormack wins the World Mountain Running World Cup for Ireland

Including taking gold at Snowdon International earlier in the year. And, most importantly, she was 2nd overall at this years Langdale Xmas Pud 10km!

Eluid Kipchoge runs 26.2 miles in 1hr 59min 40sec

He is yet to respond to our invitation to take on the OMM and try a real marathon but we’ll keep you posted.


Karen Nash (pictured left with Rowena Browne) completes her second OMM in as many weeks

First of all taking 1st Vets overall (& 2nd Women’s team), with partner Rowena Browne, in October’s B Course, before jetting off to Nagano, Japan to compete in their OMM’s A Course where she and partner Richard Dearden took 1st mixed and 2nd overall!


Kim Collinson knocks 2.5hrs off Jim Mann’s 2013 Winter Bob Graham record

With a time of 15hrs 47mins, which also make his the 9th fastest time overall!

And then there’s you lot!

We’ve loved seeing what you lot have got up to all year with some amazing running and adventures around the world.



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Equality in the fells?

Is the OMM event prize structure wrong?

But first…

“Last night I saw an events company had posted about the weekend’s FRA relays on Facebook. They were congratulating the winning teams, but only the men’s. Somebody pulled them up on this in quite a light-hearted way, so they then posted a link to the full results. But others then requested that they edit their original post to give equality to both the men’s and women’s teams. After all, as one of the posters pointed out ‘we worked just as hard as the men”.
– Run247

Hands up, it was us!

We posted on our social channels about the event and named the first three teams over the line, which were all male. We really offended people:

You never even considered that this would upset anyone because subconsciously female achievement in sport is not considered equal to male achievement in sport and this needs to change! How are women meant to feel worthy and equal if this is how a brand like the OMM treat our achievements?
– Direct Message

Our mistake was focusing on the overall table of results rather than the individual race categories. OMM apologise unreservedly for any offence given. Of course, we were not trying to discriminate, belittle or ignore any of the athletes making outstanding achievements. We want to promote active participation in mountain marathons and similar sports as we believe that these are good for all individuals and society as a whole.

But it raises an interesting point

With female athletes winning other endurance events like the Spine Race, should a race focus on the overall winners or on the individual categories?

This is particularly relevant for The OMM which has always promoted an open race with all teams being treated equally, regardless of gender or age.

As the event requires a number of different skills to do well, rather than solely endurance, this has meant mixed, vets & female teams do win the classes overall.

We recognise that the field is 64% male only teams so we positively discriminate with additional prizes to encourage women, families and veterans to take part. We do not have a male race at all.

But is this fair? Honestly, we can’t say with conviction that it is, but it’s the best we’ve come up.

Here is an extract from somebody who disagrees:

“…..The Snowdonia Marathon has been going since 1982 and the OMM is now in it’s 52nd year.  And what does this road race have in common with this fell race?  Neither offers equal prizes for male and female competitors…..…….the only possible reason I can imagine that they don’t give equal prizes to males and females is that of “proportionality”.  The suggestion being that as more males enter than females, the prizes are divided up accordingly.  I do not agree at all that because less females enter, those who do well in their categories are therefore not worthy of the same recognition.  Working on encouraging more female competitors by evening up the prizes might be an idea!  It’s not rocket science is it? 

All of these disparities imply that female events are less important and that female athletes are less worthy of recognition for their efforts.  How are we even still having these debates?  Why is it not just a given?  Races offering unequal prize structures instantly make me not want to enter, not because I may be in contention for a prize that isn’t on offer but simply because it suggests females in that event are an after thought.  And so the cycle continues, less females enter going forward so the disparity continues.”

We need your help

So this is where we want you to help. Every year we discuss the results from the event and every year we discuss what we can do to encourage more participation by all ages, genders and backgrounds. It’s a tough one to get right.

  • Would you change the race categories? if so how?
  • Bearing in mind we currently give out 156 individual prizes. What changes, if any, should we make to the prize structure?

Here’s some more information to help….

The current OMM prize structure

The OMM event has 6 courses of different lengths or time limits and we present 156 prizes. Typically 1000 teams of 2 enter.

Prizes are presented to:

  • Overall Course winners

To encourage participation across the categories additional prizes are awarded for the highest placed teams on all courses. The number of prizes is dependant on the number of teams within a category entered.

  • Mixed teams
  • Vets overall
  • All Female teams
  • Family Generation
  • Military teams
  • Vets female
  • Vets Mixed

The top 3 teams on each course are publicised as the winners regardless of age or gender.

OMM 2019 Results

More info…

  • In the 2019 event a mixed team:
    • Won the Medium Score
    • Won the 3rd place prize on the Short Score
    • Won the 3rd place prize on the B Course
  • Only 1 of the all-female teams made the top 10 on one of the courses.
  • The 2019 OMM competitor field comprised of:
    • 9% female teams*
    • 64% male teams*
    • 27% mixed team*
      *(open age+vets)
  • Percentage of women competing in the last 3 years has risen from: 18%-22%.
  • Percentage of all female teams competing on the last 3 OMM events has stayed around 9%
  • With this current prize structure 8% of all competitors could receive a prize.
  • In 2019, 37% of prize money went to women, who made up 22% of the competitors.

The Results

Following this article we opened up the floor to the community for their opinions on the OMM Prize Structure.

Entries have now closed, to allow us to collate the responses and prepare a statement of response.

We thank you all for taking the time to read and respond and for the good nature of the discussion so far.

Our response and any further actions will be announced in due course.


BOUNDLESS: An Outdoors Magic Film with Chris Nicolson


The 2019 OMM Festival saw the first edition of the Outdoors Magic 10km Trail Race, the UK’s first fully inclusive and accessible 10km trail event.

Outdoors Magic followed one of our competitors, Chris, on his journey from professional rugby player to trail racer.

We worked closely with Chris in preparation for the event to ensure the race was not only a challenge for him and other chair users but also a challenge for all competitors, with tough hills, technical descents and plenty of loose ground.

Boundless captures that familiar sensation of agony and ecstasy we all experience over the course of a race and gives a great insight into the motivation of our competitors.

Chris uses: Trail Fire Vest


A customisable, minimalist solution to carrying racing and training essentials, whilst keeping them close to hand


The TrailFire vest is stripped down to the essentials, a low-profile, highly-versatile vest for any length of race or training. Multiple attachment points on the back allow you to expand the load carry.  The Trailfire is also compatible with Flexi-flasks for hands-fee hydration. Read More…