OMM Centre Reopening

Some Good News!

Our Customer Support Centre is open again…sort of!

Our showroom and drop-in advice hub has been closed to the public for far too long and we are happy to announce that we are now able to welcome you all back.

We are offering visits by appointment to those that wish to pop by and discuss all aspects of our kit and events.

Due to space limitations, we are only able to accept two people in the Centre at once and to avoid disappointment or unnecessary waiting times, we ask that you call or email the day before your visit to arrange a time to come see us.

Call: 01524 548040



09:00am – 17:30pm Mon-Sat

Closed Sundays


Explore the full OMM range


Product care

Events questions


This allows for a structured manning of the Centre and ensures you get the time and attention you need.
Please be aware, we cannot guarantee we will be on site or able to see you if you do not arrange an appointment.
The appointment only structure also gives us time to clean and sanitize the Centre between visits.
The Centre has undergone a deep clean and we will be providing hand sanitizer upon entry and exit. We also ask that you let us know what it is you are hoping to look at (if you know) so that we can minimise unnecessary contact with stock and make sure we have it to hand when you visit.
Anything that is handled or tried on will be quarantined before being returned to the shelves and we will be cleaning thoroughly between visits.
And while it is not mandatory, we would ask you to consider wearing a mask while inside the building.
As part of our infection control measures, we will not be accepting cash payments for the time being. We are able to offer contactless and Apple payments in addition to chip & PIN.
We are fortunate to have acres of parking available most of the time but there will be times of the day when the carpark access is limited or not available, fortunately there is plenty of on street parking nearby.
Our opening hours are 09:00-17:30 Mon-Sat (if you wish to visit outside of these hours, just ask and if we can make provision for it, we will).
We are very lucky to work closely with our neighbours, 3-1-5 Health Club but due to ongoing restrictions to gyms and pools, they remain closed as will the usual onsite facilities (this includes toilets and the Replenish cafe).
Sadly, our weekly trail runs remain cancelled for the time being but will be back!
As throughout this difficult time, the team are also available to chat through the website, on email or on the phone so even if you can’t make it in person or would rather not, please do get in touch if there is anything you would like our advice on.
We look forward to seeing you all (one at a time!)
OMM Customer Service Team


To the OMM Community

We hope you are all keeping healthy and getting out on the trails as much as you can safely.  
We’d also like to add our gratitude to all NHS & key workers who have been working tirelessly to keep us safe.  

We’ve been surviving and playing our PPE part… 


We have been working hard to ensure the continuation of OMM.  This looked tricky from the start with a significant drop in kit sales and the unavoidable cancellation of the OMM Festival. Most of our team was furloughed and it became a very quiet place. 

However, things are looking up and thanks to the support that is being put in place for businesses we are now secure in our future and looking forward to delivering more exciting kit and events.   

We’ve also been trying to help out from home and have switched our supply chains to the PPE crisis.  Combined with our German team, OMM has delivered over 11 million face masks to local governments.

We are now rolling this out to supply physios and businesses who need them.  Working together is the way forward so please all stay safe, and hopefully we will all be able to go and enjoy the countryside soon. 

We are happy to open our supply of facemasks up to yourself and other businesses. If you require Type 2, FFP2/3 Facemasks please email 



This has been a big project for us. The Classic packs are an iconic piece of outdoor kit and when it launched 47 years ago, they started a revolution in the outdoor industry towards lighter fabrics and new technical advances 

Nearly 50 years later the Classic Pack remains the goto pack for multiday adventures & racing. In July we will release the biggest update to the classic packs since the 1970s!  

The strength of the Classic packs has always been in their multifunctional usabilityIt’s the pack that’s done it all and won it all.  

The new 2020 pack uses light, durable fabrics, sleek shaping and incorporates a modular system that allows you to adapt the pack for running, hiking, multi-day ultras or 1 hour commute. 

Available July 2020 – we’ll keep you posted 


The priority must be everyone’s safety. Safety of you the competitors, the volunteers and the local community where the events are held.  

These are pretty extraordinary times but we’re taking the longterm view on this and Mountain Marathons will continue on We are 50:50 on the OMM Alps taking place in Achensee, Austria  1st August and feeling confident (but not certain) that the 53rd OMM in October will go ahead.   

As all the events are not for profit, we need your entries to be sure we can go ahead.  This allows us to plan accordingly from a logistical perspective, not ending up in a position where we don’t have the capacity to accommodate more competitors.  If we are unable to go ahead with either OMM ALPS or the 53rd OMM events we will offer you a FULL REFUND 



We sadly had to cancel the OMM Festival this year. But, exciting news! Next year we have a new location, new courses and a new date. We are in the process of confirming everything and will hopefully be able to make an official announcement in the coming weeks.  

53rd OMM – 24-25 October

Given that the course area covers 400kmof big pointy highland mountains in the middle of nowhere, and the idea of the event is stay away and not follow each other, we’re feeling relatively confident that with some organisational change, the event can go ahead. 

We are making contingency plans such as staggering the start with time slots and increasing space at midcamp but all these things are manageable. 

We just need to know that you are coming. If we do need to cancel we will offer everyone with a FULL REFUND.

OMM JAPAN – 9-10 November 2020

The main event is now fully planned after having moved location twice as we sought land access. 

It will be go ahead, as planned, in November and will be stunning event. 

For international entries we wouldn’t advise travelling thiyear but it is an amazing place and culture so definitely one for the future. 

Stay safe and see you in the hills soon.

Although it has been an incredibly difficult year for everyone and our troubles are minor compared to many around the world; things, for us at least, are looking brighter and we hope they are for you tooWe look forward to seeing as many of you (but probably from a distance) as we can in October.