Frequently asked Questions.

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Frequently asked questions.

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We thought we’d put together a few bits of information to make things easy when you arrive…

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First things first, this is where you need to be:

Tackeroo Event Site
Penkridge Bank Rd
WS15 2UA

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What Time?
The gates will be open from 3pm on Friday 3rd May.
It doesn’t matter which event you have entered or on which day – your entry fee covers you for parking and camping from Friday afternoon.

Where can I park?
Our friendly volunteer parking marshals will show you where to park.
Please follow their instructions.

Where can I camp?
If you are camping/campervanning then the marshals will show you where to pitch your tent or park your van.
Remember NO open fires or BBQs of any sort!
Gas BBQs and camping stoves are allowed BUT ensure they are well away from anything flammable, this is particularly important after the dry weather we have had.   When pitching your tent please leave 3m between for fire safety.
Fire buckets will be available in each camping area.

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What if I arrive late on Friday?
If you arrive after 11pm on Friday there will be a sign on the gate telling you what to do.
You won’t get vehicle access until the morning but can park in the public car park opposite the gate and walk into the event site to pitch your tent.

When can I register for my event?
You can register for all events in the main marquee between 3pm-11pm on Friday, from 7am on Saturday and (for the 10k only) from 8am on Sunday.
For the kids 2km fun trail race you can register on Saturday from 3pm – it’s free and starts at 4pm!
If you’re in a team you should register together and don’t forget your declaration.

Can I purchase Food when I arrive?
Hot food is available until 9pm on Friday (bar until 22:30) and breakfast from 7-9am on Saturday morning, for full timings for the weekend have a look at the great menu.

What facilities are there?
We will provide plenty of toilets and several water taps.
There are no showers on site. 

Can I bring my dog?
Well-behaved dogs (and owners!) are welcome.
However, due to unfortunate incidents in the past, they must be kept on a lead in the HQ area and are NOT allowed into the main marquee.
Dogs are not allowed to run with competitors on the courses.

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Follow the links below for more info on your event and the Festival:


If you’re still not sure of anything or have any more questions, just email the event support team:

Other than that, we’ll see you soon!

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