Friday at Last Year’s Festival

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OMM Festival is Live!!

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19:30 – Friday 4th May

The first race of OMM Festival was the Orienteering courses organised by North Gloucester Orienteers. The 1 hour courses saw runners and mountain bikers head into the forest. The first finishers are coming back now and we’ll have the results up this evening.

The camping field is filling up last and an army of motorhomes makes an impressive sight. Everyone is setting up their tents and settling in for a chilled evening.

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16:00 – Friday 4th May

We’re setup and ready to welcome competitors to the OMM Festival. It’s going to be an epic weekend with the OMM LITE & OMM BIKE events attracting double the entries of last year, 400 Orienteers & 150 Trail Runners coming together at one festival grounds.

This evening there will be a 1 hour warm up race for the Trail Runners & Mountain Bikers before everyone settles to the evening in the marquee or around the campsite.

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See how everyone is training for this years race on Strava.

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You can arrange lifts and ask advice in the Competitors Group.

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Upgrade your kit for The OMM.