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OMM Essential Skills: Thumbing the Map

OMM ESSENTIAL SKILLS: Thumbing the map

Charlie Sproson from Mountain Run talks through some essential skills he’ll be using on this years OMM Elite Course. To complete the OMM course requires many different skills to operate safely in the mountains at the end of October.

Thumbing the Map – Keep your thumb on the map at your current position. As you move along your route rotate the map and move your thumb along your route. Progress to thumbing the map on the move. Use your peripheral vision and self awareness to maintain your location  and balance whilst running.

Charlie wears: AETHER SMOCK


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2 thoughts on “OMM Essential Skills: Thumbing the Map

  1. Antoniolouts says:

    OMM have a larger range of clothing and equipment, also specially created for mountain marathons. 1976 Swiss Orienteer Dieter Wolf brought the Karrimor International Mountain Marathon idea from England to Switzerland: 47 teams were at the start of the first Swiss Karrimor 2-day Mountain Marathon in Muothatal in 1976. Over the years several thousand lovers of the mountains, nature, orienteering and adventure sports from more than twenty countries have been able to participate in many different regions of the Swiss Alps.

  2. Antoniolouts says:

    Competing in the OMM Elite Class has always been a dream for me from when I learnt about Mountain Marathon’s back in 2003 and having taken part in the Elite category since 2012 I have complete respect for the race and its courses.

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