50th Anniversary Limited Edition

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The pack that started it all.

In 1968 the race that would become the race now known as the OMM was born. The resulting trial in the mountains tested teamwork, endurance and all round mountain skills. 1974, competitors frustrated by heavy canvas packs wanted wanted a pack half the weight of anything available at the time. The iconic green pack was the result. The first product designed specifically for the OMM race started a lightweight revolution in the UK outdoor industry. The rest is history.

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To celebrate the 50th Anniversary we have recreated the legendary pack that laid the design principals for what OMM products are today. The 50th pack features the 50th anniversary badge, classic top buckle & large dump pockets. This is a very limited edition. When it’s gone, it’s gone.

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  • Original Lean Weight Chassis
  • Hydration compatible
  • Two mesh side pockets for bottles
  • Front stretch mesh pocket with compression
  • Pockets on waist belt

Technical Details

  • Full Weight 660g
  • Capacity 25 litres
  • Back Padding 9mm EVA pad (not removable)
  • Pockets: 2 Hip Belt, 1 Zip Flap, 1 Mesh Front, 2 Mesh Side
  • Internal storage flap
  • Compression Side Elastics
  • Front mesh Compression
  • Back Length: 45cm
  • Fabrics: 420D Recycled Polyester
  • Colours: Lime


  1. A group of guys. A pub. A question: ‘Who is the best at being in the Mountains?’

We’ve probably all had similar evenings and similar debates but this one was different. One of those guys was the late Gerry Charnley,
a police training instructor and committed orienteer. Gerry decided that pub bravado was just not good enough and instead, he would design a challenging event that would give the bragging rights to the best team.

The result was a test of endurance, mountain skill and teamwork that they advertised in the 1968 summer edition of ‘Climber and Rambler’ magazine as a two- day Mountain Marathon. The OMM race was born.

That autumn, 60 competitors of similarly 
hardy folk lined up at Muker, in the
north Pennines, ready for the very first bog
battling race weekend. Only 11 teams finished the race which was won by Ted Dance and Bob Astles. 50 years later 2000 competitors from 30 countries line up in Langdale continuing the legacy.


In 1974 a challenge was laid down by OMM competitor the creator of the London Marathon Chris Brasher. He wanted a pack that was half the weight of any other multiday pack available. At the time when most packs were made of heavy canvas the only way to go lighter was a smaller size. The resulting pack used new synthetic materials and revolutionary design to create a 25L pack that smashed the weight target set by Chris. The iconic 1974 pack started the lightweight revolution in the UK outdoor industry and laid the foundation OMM principals; lightweight innovation without sacrificing function.


To commemorate 50 years of the OMM race that started it all.  We’re created a pack inspired by the classic 1974 pack. Using the same fabrics, materials and design resulting from Chris Bashers 1974 challenge.  The iconic lime green pack features the 50th Anniversary OMM logo, classic top pocket buckle and large dump pockets. This limited edition nod to our history will only be made once, when it’s gone, it’s gone.