Sunday at the Festival

14:00 – Provisional results from the BOK Trot orienteering races.

400 orienteers competed in the BOK Trot. Provisional results can be found below.

09:30 – Day 3 of OMM Festival begins!

Morning all. Today 400 Orienteers arrive for the Bristol Orienteering club races and it’s day 2 of the OMM LITE & BIKE.

The overnight leaders have left and are off on their chosen routes.

Orienteering starts at 10:30am.

10:45 – Saturday 5th May

The trail runners are off on the Outdoors Magic Trail Races. Good luck to all the competitors, you’ve got a perfect day for it. You can watch a video of the start on the OMM Facebook page.

09:30 – Saturday 5th May

The sun is shining and the first starts are off!! The OMM LITE & BIKE riders and runners are starting now. They first collect their maps which has the checkpoints they can visit marked on. After planning which checkpoints they’re going to visit they head out to see if they can find them.

The OUTDOORS Magic Trail Races mass start is at 10:30.


See how everyone is training for this years race on Strava.


You can arrange lifts and ask advice in the Competitors Group.

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