British Mountain Marathon Calendar

2019 is set to be another great year in the world of Mountain Marathons with some old favourites bowing out and new events stepping to the fore.

Last year saw the final running of the uber-classic LAMM, with a fitting farewell on the beautiful Isle of Harris. Thankfully for those of us who looked to the LAMM for our annual Highland Fix, Ourea events took up the mantle and launched the all new Scottish Mountain Marathon for this year. It promises to be a beaut, upholding the spirit of the original.

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Event: Great Lakeland 3 Day
Date: 4-6th May 2019
Location: Lake District

Overview:The SILVA GL3D™ is an adventurous three-day mountain marathon with a unique, relaxed and friendly atmosphere that attracts both runners and long-distance walkers. Over the years the event has built up a dedicated following of participants who enjoy the challenge of three long, consecutive days in the hills. We start and finish in the same location and so that participants can get maximum enjoyment, we transport their overnight equipment between each camp.

Event: Scottish Mountain Marathon
Date: 8th – 9th June 2019
Location: Attadale Forest, North West Highlands

Overview: The Scottish Mountain Marathon™ is a classic two-day hill running and navigation challenge held in the Scottish Highlands and Islands each year.

Open to pairs who must compete as self-sufficient teams, the event is suitable for novice participants and elite competitors alike. There are seven different courses, offering something for everyone who enjoys navigating through wild and challenging terrain.

Event: 41st SLMM Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon
Date: 6th July – 7th July 2019
Location: Howgills, Western Dales

Overview: The Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon (SLMM) is a two-day mountain navigation competition (or race) that is held annually in the Lake District for pairs and experienced solo entrants. The event comprises 8 courses of which 6 are solely for pairs of runners, one is exclusively for solo competitors and one course is open for both pairs and solo entrants.

Event: Mourne Mountain Marathon
Date: 21st – 22nd September 2019
Location: The Mournes, Newcastle, Northern Ireland

Overview:The Mourne Mountain Marathon is Ireland’s only two day endurance and navigation event held each year in the beautiful mountains of Mourne in Northern Ireland.  It is run entirely on a voluntary and non-profit basis by a team with many years experience of organising and competing in this type of event.

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Event: ROC Mountain Marathon
Date: 28th – 29th September 2019
Location: Lowther Hills, Southern Uplands

Overview:The event has proved a popular choice with mountain marathon competitors with its combination of both linear and score courses that provide participants with huge choice and minimise the chance of ‘snakes’ of runners all heading to the same control.

Event: 52nd OMM Original Mountain Marathon
Date: 26th – 27th October 2019
Location: Scottish Coastline, Details TBA

Overview: The daddy of Mountain Marathons and the one that started it all. The UK’s biggest mountain race has shaped the UK outdoor community for over 50 years. Since 1968 the UK’s greatest running legends, product creators & influential people have stood on the start line. The 52nd OMM will be held somewhere on the Scottish Coastline, as is tradition the exact location will be released in September though clues may be found before then.