Congratulations to everyone who took part in the first OMM LITE CHILTERNS. What a fantastic event! We loved meeting everyone and seeing you out on the course. A massive thanks you to all the volunteers and everyone involved. You can see the results below and a images from which you are welcome to share, all we ask is that you tag OMM in the images.


I hope you have all have recovered well (from what I think must be the hottest ever OMM event!) and had a great weekend – I know we did. We are continually trying to improve your experience so please do get in touch with your comments and suggestions. It was fantastic to see so many familiar faces but also plenty of new ones – welcome to the OMM family! Competitor experienced ranged from complete novices to OMM veterans of many years and ages ranged from just 14 yrs old to an impressive 74 (Keith you are an inspiration!). Well done to you all and of course congratulations to all our prize-winners who covered an impressive amount of ground in sweltering heat.

It was lovely to see so many youngsters at the event, both competing and doing an brilliant job of cheering at the finish line. One of the aims of the OMM Lite is to encourage the next generation to get out and about in the beautiful hills and countryside that the UK has to offer. We’ll continue to encourage you to bring along your families to Lite events and we hope to offer activities for younger children in the future.

We were fortunate to have such a great event centre, so my 1 st thanks go to everyone at Path Hill Outdoors. You can find out more about the great work they do here –

I think you’ll all agree that Dave Chapman planned a great course for you all, showing many of you this beautiful area for the 1 st time. It’s no easy task – planning starting many months ago to ensure there is plenty of route choice and that all local land owners and residents are aware and happy with our plans. Dave is hopefully now taking a few days well-earned rest before continuing with his epic task of planning all 9 courses for this years OMM in October in South West Scotland. We’ll be making a donation to the South Chilterns Path Maintenance Volunteers so that they can continue their good work.

The event would not have taken place without our volunteers, who all took Friday off work and drove many miles to make it happen. From putting up and taking down the marquee, registration and car parking to (everyone’s favourite!) sorting out the portaloos, they did it all with a smile on their faces. I can’t believe how lucky we are to have such hardworking volunteers who come back to our events again and again.

So big thanks to Simon, Graeme, Ryan, Luke, Paul, Helen and Joan and Luke P. Once again Matt and Fi from the Old Post Office and their friendly team did a great job keeping us fed and watered. The warm weather certainly kept the drinks flowing and there had to be an emergency replenishment of Cider on Saturday night! I think their burgers are quite possibly the best I’ve tasted…

I had great feed back for our two Sports Therapists, Helen and Trisha, who gave amazing treatments and were very knowledgeable. They worked for about 7 hours with only a short break! If you’d like to get in touch with either of them for further treatment here’s the details:

Helen Perry

Patricia Price

On a final note, many of you may have heard that some of our competitors stopped to help a lady (unconnected with the event) who had become unwell. I can report that after a short stay in hospital she is recovering at home. Praise goes to Paul and Sally Klenerman, Dom and Delia Watts and Mark Baker for their act of kindness and of course they were reimbursed any time penalty points they would have received.

Photographs from the weekend are now on the website for you to enjoy – special thanks to Tori for her photographs at Saturdays finish. If you have any photos you would like to share please email I look forward to seeing you all at another OMM event soon.

Emma Gill
OMM Lite Chilterns Event Coordinator

 Pos Name Club Class Time Score
1 Chris Dykes
Rob Lee
M 11:32:37 1000
2 Paul Atkinson
Tony Pitt
Tuff Fitty Triathlon Club M 12:09:29 918
3 Neil Brooks
Ray Johnstone
LOK MV 12:01:39 904
4 Matthew Denny
Alex Veale
M 11:17:24 890
5 James Godfrey
Nikki Waters
MIX 11:48:58 850
6 Antony Smith
Harry Smith
M 12:03:10 780
7 Janet Hill
John Williams
Springfield MIXV 10:55:45 770
8 James Winter
Guy Winter
M 10:32:08 760
9 Andrew Gates
Emma Pilbeam
Totton Running Club MIXV 11:50:32 740
10 Kim Chester
Adam Maycock
FoD AC MIX 10:55:43 720
11 John Franklin
Anne Jackson
Porter Valley Plodders MIXV 11:54:42 688
12 Eloise Copping
Alex Copping
Teambath AC MIX 11:13:47 680
13 Charles Gook
Samuel Gook
M 11:37:10 680
14 Jessica Watkins
Peter Mills
MIX 10:17:55 660
15 Rosie Iron
Anne Fison
F 11:41:50 650
16 Naomi Ashcroft
Helen Mangan
Upper Thames RC FV 12:12:40 648
17 Daniel Cowley
Ben Cowley
M 10:30:21 620
18 Graham Parsons
Keith Parsons
MV 11:58:16 618
19 Alexander Gaspar
Caris Marsh
MIX 10:25:48 610
20 Warren Johnson
Daniel Collins
Slinn Allstars M 11:56:49 608
21 Steven Billington
Rob Ingleby
M 10:51:21 598
22 Ben Geldeard
Laura Gregory
MIX 11:24:22 588
23 Jessica Ward
Kirsty Reade
F 12:23:31 582
24 Chad Baldock
Matthew Wroe
M 11:28:57 580
25 Stephen Dellow
Stephen Robinson
MV 11:32:32 530
26 John Hill
Andrew Gilsenan
The Treacherous Dogs MV 12:30:15 528
27 Christopher Collins
James Collins
M 11:50:14 448
Charlotte Turner
Lydia Farzin-Nia
 Pos Name Club Class Time Score
1 Steve Long
Michael Burgess
MV 08:11:31 800
2 Ruth Holmes
Nicky Desailly
Southern Navigators F 08:45:01 780
3 Richard Page
Rob Harwood
Chippenham Harriers M 08:43:19 776
4 Sam Scott
Paul Scott
Hart Road Runners MIX 08:57:39 754
5 Yasha Chechik
Lova Chechik
Eborienteers M 08:24:26 750
6 Brendon Howe
Alison Howe
MIXV 08:50:59 730
7 Christophe De Belder
Robert Baylis
TVOC M 09:03:22 724
8 Andy Bell
Andrew Mcfadden
DPFR M 09:17:38 706
9 Paul Boakes
Mike Deacon
Ashley Oliver
M 08:55:04 700
10 Kristin Brandl
Brooke Johnson
Reading Roadrunners MIX 08:53:54 676
11 Andrew Wood
Jack Lambdon
M 08:03:49 670
12 Amy Capper
Nigel Shekleton
Fulham / Carnethey MIX 08:49:55 660
13 Douglas Whittaker
Peter Robertson
Eva Hansen
Peter Brett Associates MIX 08:37:42 650
14 Simon Palmer
Gary Tuttle
Reading Road Runners M 08:39:22 640
15 Katie Fisher
Rob Patterson
MIX 09:06:13 626
16 Michael Raffles
Yulanda Myint
MIX 08:45:12 608
17 David Casey
Andrew Jackson
MV 08:56:45 588
18 Peter Roseff
Jennifer Hughes
MIX 08:31:19 580
19 Caroline Gilby
Jo Aatkar
Ampthill & Flitwick Flyers FV 08:39:36 580
20 Harry Phillips
Ben Masters
M 08:52:24 578
21 Thomas Bloomfield
Emily Barlow
MIX 08:36:39 570
22 Danny Bevan
Ollie Bevan
M 08:42:19 556
23 Ewan Mccombe
Jamie Mccombe
M 08:42:36 556
24 Charles Brignall
Emma Brignall
MIX 09:08:07 552
25 Naomi Mellor
Sally Taylor
F 08:38:06 530
26 Ian Wells
Chris Rowden
SOC MV 08:51:00 526
27 Nigel Whiteoak
Irene Garcia Sacedon
MIX 08:58:29 520
28 John Walmsley
Keith Henderson
Wimborne Orienteers MV 09:18:58 520
29 Heather Jackson
Sara Stead
Congleton Harriers F 08:48:25 516
30 Paul Klenerman
Sally Klenerman
MIXV 08:36:37 510
31 Luke Vincent
Lisa Soennichsen
MIX 08:38:58 510
32 Steve Moore
Stephen Naylor
MV 08:47:43 510
33 Imogen Trinder
Alexander Baker
MIX 08:54:39 508
34 Brian Courage
Naomi Ayers
M 09:00:40 502
35 Andrew White
Marian White
MIXV 08:25:38 490
36 Steve Collins
Rebecca Collins
MIX 09:30:46 488
37 Alan Cade
Samuel Cade
Stephanie Cade
MIX 09:01:21 478
38 Don Oldcorn
Jack Oldcorn
M 09:01:42 458
39 Dominic Watts
Delia Watts
Dark Peak Fell Runners MIXV 09:21:21 448
40 Jerome McAllister
 Derek McAllister
FRA M 09:01:45 438
41 Charlene Gibson
Keith Gibson
MIXV 08:57:18 436
42 John Haworth
Kit Haworth
M 08:16:50 410
43 Helen Brown-Nicho.
Oscar Brown
Helen & John Abbott
MIX 08:32:47 410
44 Joanne Allin
Jonathon Carpenter
MIX 07:59:10 390
45 Heidi Clark
Kirsty Cusworth
F 08:40:48 390
46 Jason Clark
Darren Clark
M 08:41:29 390
47 Mike Power
Nick Essex
M 08:42:31 390
48 Tom Woolley
Annalinn Woolley
MIX 08:54:12 390
49 Caty Woolley
Molly Hunt
F 08:54:27 390
50 Austin Hunt
Sally Hunt
M 08:54:33 390
51 Peter Gillespie
Cameron Gillespie
M 08:59:09 386
52 Andy Livingston
Jo Livingston
MIX 09:19:44 348
53 Patrick Austin
Karrie Doust
MIX 09:11:38 324
54 Thomas Peacock
Jacky Peacock
EAOC MIX 08:55:56 316
55 Pauline Nash
Martin Janzen
MIX 08:26:24 286
56 Mark Davies
Janet Godfrey
Dave Tyson
Oxford Coasters MIX 08:26:09 230
57 Paul Curran
Victoria Andrews
Oxford Coasters MIX 08:50:19 230
58 Anna Tassie
Aden Wells
MIX 09:17:47 174
Mark Baker M 09:21:22 448
Adolfo Menendez
Timothy OSG
Media F



A huge thank you to all the competitors and volunteers who came to the OMM LITE & OMM BIKE event this weekend. The events were loads of fun and had a really good atmosphere all weekend. All the volunteers really enjoy putting on these events and it’s so rewarding to see so many smiling faces crossing the finish line. Well done to everyone who took part!
You can follow the link below to get your full results and splits times. We will be posting all your images in the next few days which you are welcome to take and share. We’d love to see your images and videos from the weekend so please tag OMM in your posts.

Once again a massive thanks from everyone at OMM and we look forward to seeing you at another event.





Team OMM

Many thanks for the fantastic feedback it’s great to hear what you think:

‘Have to say as my first ever experience of this type of event, I definitely picked the most well organised, professional and most importantly fun filled! I will certainly be taking part again, thanks to all involved’ 

‘Thanks to you and your fab volunteers for putting on a brilliant event, we had a blast!
See you in October if not before…. ‘

‘Thanks to the OMM team for a fantastic weekend, really appreciate your help and advice as this was our first event, hopefully see you again soon.’

“My wife has, for many years, had to suffer me disappearing off to compete in the OMM, and then return damp and limping and not much use!  I hoped that the OMM Lite would be a means of introducing her to the spirit and atmosphere of the OMM, so she could get an insight. I found this weekend to be exactly that and my wife (who is not a fell runner!) really enjoyed herself and wants to do another. The thing that really stood out was the friendliness of all the staff, from the Car Parking to Registration and beyond.”

You’re welcome to save any images you like. All we ask is that you tag OMM on social media or credit us for use in print. Thanks hope you like them. Also check our Facebook page for galleries from other competitors.

OMM Lite and Bike Peak District Spring 2016 – Event Directors Report

I have now had some sleep and have had time to reflect on what was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend. It was lovely to see familiar faces over the weekend and humbling to see so many new ones coming to join us, sharing in the event.

My aim for the Bike and Lite events is to provide an event that offers good competition and a challenge to those of you with experience whilst at the same time offering a friendly and informal platform for those with little or no experience to come and learn more. We are always looking for ways in which we can improve so please let us know if you have any ideas.

Steve Willis did a fantastic job of putting together some interesting navigational challenges across a beautiful part of the Peak District. Steve has ridden and walked all of the trails prior to the event, spoken with all of the land owners, tenants and various organisations responsible for the management of the area to ensure that we have the permission and support of all to allow us to put the event on. This takes a huge amount of time, dedication and considerable sweat, without which we could not have enjoyed the weekend we just have.

The event was supported by 10 volunteers, many of whom took holiday on Friday to come and get everything ready. From putting up the marquees, parking, marshalling, putting controls out and servicing toilets amongst many others, the cheerful and willing way in which they go about their business to ensure that everything is looked after continues to amaze me. It is a real privilege to have such a selfless group of people to work with. Although she won’t thank me for this, special thanks goes to Carrie who had just returned from successfully completing her first Marathon des Sables to help out.

Some of you may have noticed that St Georges Day fell on the Saturday of the event, traditionally a very busy day for the Scouts. Simon, who provided all of the infrastructure for the event (marquees, lighting, power and water) and should have been involved in the Scouting events came to help us once again, without his superhuman efforts the events would not happen.

All our events are run on a not for profit basis which is incredibly important to me as I feel it is a crucial part of the atmosphere we enjoyed over the weekend, without the willing help offered by so many this would not remain so. If you would like to help on any of the events please just let us know.

Event catering is not an easy thing to do well, especially when you are working from a field. Matt and Fi from The Old Post Office in Ingleton did the catering for the OMM last October and did such a good job that we asked them to come and help us with this one. I for one, enjoyed the food over the weekend – the chicken kebabs were really good and the friendliness of their team only added to the event.

The final thank you goes out to everyone who joined us for the weekend, competing or not. Thank you for respecting the rights of way and other users of these in the area. With one exception, we have only had compliments from the landowners and other organisations. If I knew which team it was that had sworn at a landowner when they were asked to stick to the right of way, rather than running through a field full of new born lambs they would certainly not be welcome at another of our events. There was some cracking competition on both the Bike and Lite courses with a hugely impressive performance by Tom Gibbs and Chris Hope collecting all but two controls on Saturday and clearing the course on Sunday covering a total of 226km on the Bike Long Score. On the Lite Tim Campion-Smith and Laura Heath almost cleared the course as well, of particular note that Laura is a first time competitor on OMM events.

Whilst it is important to recognise the achievements of those in the running for prizes, well done to all those who competed for the first time, submitting yourself to the challenges (and satisfaction) of planning your routes and finding the checkpoints whilst returning to the HQ as close to time as possible. Hopefully you got a chance to see some of the wonderful views, got to know your team mate better and had fun.

Friends and family are always welcome for the weekend even if they are not competing and it was great to see some of you there over the weekend. We are looking at putting on some activities during the daytime at forthcoming events and it would be great to have you join us.

Stuart Hamilton

OMM Events Director

Thank you for running and riding in the White Peak on a beautiful but cold weekend which makes my planning worthwhile. I thoroughly enjoyed all of my rides (and a few walks) during the winter despite the cold wet weather but I was relieved that we had a dry week beforehand so that the mud had chance to dry out. I realised after last year that I needed to make the Bike course longer so that Chris & Tom couldn’t clear up. I managed on Saturday but forgot about Sunday so it’s one-all now. I was

worried that I hadn’t given the runners enough variety but everyone seemed to enjoy the scenery and tracks around Dovedale on Saturday and Lathkill Dale on Sunday.

Thanks to the National Park who were happy for the event to go ahead and gave us permission to use the converted railway lines so we will be donating £2 per competitor to their trail maintenance fund.

Thanks for riding and running responsibly although, unfortunately, we didhave 2 problems on Sunday. I should have marked Oddo Farm as out of bounds as Mr Furness had given us permission to use his private track through #10 but not through his farmyard. I should also have taped the footpath past One Ash Grange for the runners approaching from the south so that you didn’t get lost and cause the farmer problems – especially as they are just coming to the end of a long and tiring lambing season. I have apologised to them both on your behalf (but one team in particular – we don’t know who, need to be more polite when asked to remain on the right of way on private land)!

Thanks to Jens Strain for yet another excellent map which was printed by Harveys. Thanks also to Brian; Christine at Darley Farm for the perfect event centre right next to the Tissington Trail. It is an official but informal caravan site and they would enjoy seeing you there again.

Thanks to Jim Imber, Jack Aspden & Stuart Pigg for helping me put out the controls on Friday and Saturday then collecting them all in on Sunday (with some extra help from Dave Evans, Graeme Thompson, Tom Williams, Zoe &; David Cowgill), we didn’t find any dropped litter or open gates.

Final thanks to the OMM team and especially Stuart and Emma for all of their hard work and enthusiasm before, during and after the event. I’m having a fornight off to play golf and check OMM controls in Southwest

Scotland then I’ll be over to the North York Moors regularly checking the bridleways and paths on the moors and in the forests north of Cropton. We’ve got another excellent event centre right next to the New Inn which is also the Cropton Brewery so hope to see you there.

Steve Willis

Course Planner