Mountains of Bute & Argyll

24-25th October 2020

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53rd OMM Team Entry



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Elite class minimum 18yrs with at least one competitor 20 or over.
All other classes minimum 16yrs with at least one competitor 18 or over.

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Special Categories

Family generation teams (closely related from different generations)
Military teams. Only applicable on the Long Score. Where Military teams compete for the Hutton Trophy.

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Please read the terms & conditions and refund policy below and check the tick box to confirm you have read them. We will send you important competitor information via email before the event. If you would also like to receive information that goes to the wider community please join the mailing list.


Please read our terms & conditions here.



If you need to cancel your entry a refund can be given up to 90 days before the event (minus 10% admin fee)

After this date we cannot offer a refund or transfer/defer your entry as we have already paid for your entry. The event is run on a not for profit basis and one of the ways of keeping the costs low is to agree numbers as far in advance of the event as possible, hence why it becomes more expensive to enter as we get closer to the event.


If we have to cancel the event then we will be offering every competitor the following options:  

  1. Exchange your entry for OMM kit. We will provide you with a voucher worth 125% so you get a bit of an apology for having to cancel..  
  2. Defer your entry to next year’s event. This option and the one above would really help us out.  
  3. Full refund on your entry. No fees.  

If you are unable to attend the event due to circumstances COVID-19 restrictions beyond your control (self isolation, local lock down etc) we will defer your entry or offer a product voucher to the value of your entry.


We understand that teams or the course you have chosen may need to change due to injury or other personal circumstances. Therefore, you are welcome to make changes to your to team or course by emailing (up until entries close) and after this date at registration on the day of the event.

If you have any questions then please check the event details on the webpage or email

See you there!