Running Since 1968


Held in late October, teams of 2 take part in either Linear or Score navigation courses. Carrying everything required to survive two days in the UK’s most challenging terrain. Described by some as one of the hardest events on the UK calendar owing to the tough terrain and typical British weather. This event is not for the faint of heart.

Adventure Weekend

Located in the heart of the Lake district, the Festival combines the OMM Lite with the Grasmere Gallop to provide a weekend for the whole family.
Whether undertaking the navigational score courses of the OMM Lite or the trail races of the Gallop it’s a smashing 2 days for those who love the outdoors.

Alpine Epic

Rotating around the Alps, this Mountain Marathon is for those with an appetite for steep gradients, high altitudes and panoramic vistas. 2 Line courses and 2 Score courses provide the perfect challenge for hardened marathon mountaineers or beginners to the sport.

Japanese Journey


Running since 2013, OMM Japan will take you through magnificent valleys, ancient forests and historical locales. Steep rugged terrain awaits in the land of the rising sun.