OMM Academy: Waterproof Care & Maintenance

omm academy

How to care for and maintain your wateproofs

The OMM Customer Support Team take you through the best way to wash, reproof and maintain your kit

Topics covered:

  • What we mean by waterproof fabric
  • 2, 2.5 and 3 layer fabrics
  • Why you should clean your kit
  • Available brands
  • Machine and hand washing
  • Different approaches to reproofing
  • Cleaning other fabrics including softshell and rucksacks
  • Maintaining zippers
  • Optimising performance and managing your layers

To do at home: Wash your kit!

Care Guide
Storm Care Wash

Storm Care Proofer

OMM Academy: DIY Waterproof Repairs

omm academy

Waterproof Repairs

The OMM Customer Support Team take you through some easy but effective fixes for your waterproof gear. Including sewing, taping & glueing.

Topics covered:

  • Common rips and tears
  • Choosing the right solution for the issue
  • Taping, glueing and stitching
  • Wider repairs such as packs

To do at home: Check over your gear for nicks and tears, spend some time cleaning the affected areas, prepare the surfaces, making sure they are clean and dry. Brush up on your stitching skills and order up some glue, patches or thread!

If you don’t feel confident repairing yourself, check out:

Lancashire Sports Repairs

Scottish Mountain Gear

OMM Academy: Basics of how to use a compass.

omm academy


OMM event director and former Royal Marine Commando shows you show basic exercises you can do at home to introduce people to navigation. 

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to the compass
  • How to make turns and follow a bearing
  • How to how to move on a bearing
  • How to box around an object

To do at home: Make a map of your garden or living room. Then turn yourself & your compass to align yourself with a point in your garden. Practice moving on different points in your garden or home.