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Tromsø, a long way to travel to run a long long way

Tromsø, a long way to travel to run a long long way Lova Chechik OMM Competitor and erstwhile Turfer (look it up!), Lova Chechik headed to the Arctic Circle to take on the mighty Tromsø Skyrace for its final edition, after 10 years at the pinnacle of...

Secrets of the Pros

Secrets of the pros secrets of the pros secrets of the pros When you work with professional athletes for a living you can’t help but pick up a few tips of the trade here and there. Let’s face it, whether we run purely for enjoyment, to best our own PBs or if we’re...

Mountain Marathons & Me

Mountain Marathons and Me ( “There’s nowhere you can be That isn’t where you're meant to be” - John Lennon) “Shall we find a door to knock on and ask for a lift….?” This is a dialogue from my partner and I whilst wandering around the Galloway Forest in the gathering...

Uphill Speed: Power For The Fells

OMM's Workout Wednesday heads out for some speedwork with a difference. Sam & James take us through a big hill rep workout on some handy tracks close to OMM Towers. Inspired by Norwegian 1500m Champ Jakob Ingebrigtsen, this is a daunting session that should be the...

Guide to Ultrarunning: Finding Your Format

Toeing the line of my first Ultra-marathon, the bustling atmosphere of competitors stirred excitement in my stomach. Fuelled by the adrenaline, I bullied my way to the front. I practically sprinted off the start line, only to realize 200m into the field that I didn’t...

Track Workout for Mountain Running

Wednesday Workout - James and Sam tackle unfamiliar territory with a interval track workout, how useful is a track workout for mountain running? Track workout for mountain running 12 x 400m: Track workout for mountain running Warm Up 5 – 10 minutes easy jog: Track...

OMM Lite Report 2023

Another OMM Lite at Grasmere in the bag! Here are some of my thoughts from the weekend and aspirations for the next OMM Lite on the 1st – 3rd of June 2024. OMM Lite Report 2023 OMM Lite Report 2023 OMM Lite Report 2023 I would like to start the report with a huge...

Decisions, decisions

OMM Competitor and OMM Lite Course Planner, Sam Atkinson, takes a look at the decision process OMM competitors face when moving between checkpoints. Decisions decisions Decisions decisions With the 53rd OMM only a few short weeks away, we thought it would be fitting...

World’s Fastest Man To Take On The Bob Graham

In the run up to this festive season and with no OMM to report on, we sent our intrepid events reporter a little further north to catch up with the world’s fastest man and learn a few insights into how the rapidly changing world has impacted on his activities and how...

OMM 2021 Report

Dear competitors,We have been humbled by the concern that has been shown for the future of OMM after the event cancellation this year. OMM 2021 Report OMM 2021 Report WHAT HAPPENED? – The full report OMM 2021 Report OMM 2021 Report by Stuart Hamilton, OMM event...

The Only Way Is Lancashire

The Lancashire Way – Northern Loop is 110mi of Lancashire’s (mostly) finest tracks, trails, fields, fells and coast. Ellis Bland takes it on in a oner and gives us an insight into what it takes to climb over that many stiles I gave up drinking a couple of years ago. I...


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